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Stuck on you! The story how we fell in love...

{Our Story}

I will be the first to admit that my heart had gone to heaven, (in a good way!) when I met my husband on August 23, 2005 in Hawaii. I was a damsel in distress with an injured leg on crutches, and he found me adorable. I didn't know we could quickly fall in love, and be stuck on each other. We had to see each other almost every day. I was on one Marine Corps base, and he was on another. It was a good 25-30 minutes. I didn't have my license, and I would bum rides from friends to go see him at his barracks. We would do recon missions from his barracks in the morning, and he'd drive me to my barracks- just so I could be at work in my desk at 0600. (Which meant that I was getting this poor guy up at 0400, and he didn't have to be at work until 0730.) We couldn't get enough of each other!! I would always get bummed when he had duty, and I couldn't see him, lol.

Him on Friday night duty

When we would walk the streets of Waikiki, people would ask if we were on our honeymoon. (Now, I suppose we were. We never had the chance once we got married.) The love we had would make people gag. And if you had the pleasure of knowing us in those early days, then you remember.

Driving in the wee hours to bring me to work--he's tired!

Pic taken of me in his barracks room

I remember sitting down in a restaurant one day, and I told him, 'we're going to get married one day. I just know it, and I've never felt like this before with anyone before'. He was a little more hesitant, because he was married before. But, I was crazy enough to believe he was the one. Then, my injuries were put up on a med board. The love of my life received orders to Twentynine Palms, CA to an infantry unit, and was set to deploy a year later. Our relationship was about to go into the unknown. I didn't know if I was getting medically discharged or I would be separated from my love an ocean away. By May, he departed to California. I had never seen him so unhappy to leave. Our last night together, I wiped tears from his eyes.  The day he left for the airport, my Company First Sergeant excused me from Field Day to ride with him to the airport. For an entire month, my heart ached for him. It wouldn't be but a month later that the Marine Corps decided my fate, and I was on a bird to go be with him.

When I followed him to the Mojave desert, he knew that I was the one for him. By December 2006, we got married in Vegas by an Hawaiian priest. He deployed three weeks later. He left with advon; it was cold, and my heart ached like it had ever before-- I felt lost. Once he got into formation, I couldn't bare to watch my love drive away on the bus. I drove back to our new home on base, and  I cried (pregnant, ha!) every night for two weeks straight. I grew tough over the weeks, and got into a routine. I would look at the stars every night, and would wonder if he looked at them too.

I took this photo with my disposable camera

Fast forward to this past weekend-- The years since has been crazy, we aren't mushy as we once were. We raise each others' voices a little too much, but the passion still exists. I daydream about Hawaii frequently. I was gone Friday night at the gym, and most of Saturday with the MIL to Miss K's cousin's birthday get together. By that night, Mr. B was gone to a movie with his sister. I was a bit sad, lol. I missed him, and it made me realized that our time is precious, and I am stuck like glue.  :)

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Anonymous Monday, February 14, 2011  

You guys are adorable and I'm a new follower :-)

Stephanie Monday, February 14, 2011  

Hey im Stephanie. I am also a new follower. Your story is so sweet. I have really enjoyed reading your blog, you have the cutest family. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous Thursday, February 17, 2011  

Awww. I know when we've talked you told me about meeting while you were stationed here, but what a cute story! Wish you were still here girl!