Monday, May 7, 2012

PCS Season

If you're a part of the military family, then you know that during the summer months there is a huge peak in receiving permanent change of station orders, also known as PCS orders. At our current duty station, we've been here 3 years this summer. I've been a part of the military - as veteran and a wife - going 8.5 years, if you include my poolee time too. So, I have looked forward to the constant change of locations, meeting new people, exploring, being the gypsy soul I am. A month or so ago, I found out that we are not going anywhere anytime soon. I allowed myself to angry, sad, frustrated, pity party for a a couple of days, and then as usual, I move on. I was really looking forward to a new change of pace.

The grass is not always greener...

As much as I've grown in the last 8 years, this particular duty station is not for the faint of heart. However, it is not like Twenty nine Palms, where you somehow had an epiphany that you took everything for granted, and now wished you could see and touch green grass again, or be near a shopping mall. Here, it is congested, the people are extremely rude, and it's greatly overpopulated.
I have the green grass, but with that, I also have 4 complete seasons to deal with -- which means allergies in the fall, and snow in the winter. For some, this is a great thing; however, since I am from Texas, I cringe. I plan my day around traffic, and I don't live on base. I've realized that people on this particular base, expect you to come visit them. They refuse to step out of their bubble and drive the small distance to attend any of the events that you may throw-- even if they are going in opposite direction of traffic to and from. So, you try and find some friends in your local area, which is just as hard because not all of them share your military experience. Some of them will make you aware that they can't allow their children to bond with yours because they might get too attached. I can't even make this stuff up.

So, I thought we were at the light of the end of the tunnel...

Nope, not yet. My husband was hand chosen to transfer to different command on the same installation, and here we stay-- maybe 2 years, I am hoping just a year. I could dwell on the fact that I am stuck in a rut, or I can see how I am going to change my attitude for the better. I choose to make things happen.
Plan of Action:

We own our house, and I've decided to utilize my time in doing DIY projects to improve the interior and exterior.
I've joined a running group to do more races.
Enrolled my daughters into school.
Decided to take a much needed family vacation.
Scrapbook a little more.
Visit the local tourist attractions, which consist of battlefields.
Enroll myself back into college-- for good.

These are all my short term goals, and hopefully I can keep myself and the family busy so I am not having another pity party, lol. I believe the hardest thing is letting go of the past, forgetting the future, and just enjoy the present.

So, I want live vicariously through each and everyone of you! Tell me where you are, you don't have to be specific, but maybe the state or region. Write a blog post about the pro's and con's of where you are living life, and leave some pictures. Link back here, so I can read your posts, and maybe other bloggers can too. Thanks!