Saturday, October 6, 2012

Bone pain among other things.

I should be re-directing you over to my fitness blog with an update on the recent Ragnar relay race that I accomplished. Instead, I am fixated on my health lately. Sometime in late August, I started to notice that I was getting really tired, and I mean really tired. I shrugged it off as my monthly friend was about to visit. She finally came and went, and my fatigue decided to stay, and hasn't decided to pack its bags and leave. I've been doing CrossFit regularly at this point, and became Paleo, which did wonders on my GI track. I finally was getting tight and toned, and saw the 120's once again. Everyone has been noticing how wonderful I've been looking, except, I felt like absolute poop. Not to mention the dark bruises that ran up and down my legs, and all the other places a barbell touched.

I went to the doctor after getting an infected bump on my elbow, turned out to be cellulitis, oh joy. I was prescribed two antibiotics and was sent on my way. I was due for a follow-up several days later. A week went by, and I came strolling in. This time, I was really concerned about how tired I had been. I didn't think this was normal, at all. I was working out, and eating right, and I was supposed to gain energy, or so I've been told. The doctor was concerned with the bruises, and decided to take a blood panel. Shoot, maybe I was anemic? Nope. A few days later, as I was stepping into my friend's truck to go to our Ragnar relay race, I get a phone call from the nurse. I am being referred to a hematologist due to my prothrombin time being elevated, and I am vitamin D deficient. I am thinking, great.. I could literally break a leg during my run this weekend. I had 3 legs that amounted to 13.7 miles, and by the 3rd leg, my bones were definitely feeling fatigue.

In the past two weeks, my shins have had a dull ache that won't go away and gets worse at night. I am afraid to go to the doctor, because I have hunch that they are going to tell me that I have stress fractures. This will sadden me. This was the EXACT reason why I was discharged from the Marine Corps. I feel like every step forward, I take 2 steps or marathon backwards. I briefly tell me friends about what is going on with me lately, but not really. Not how I don't understand why my blood is not clotting fast enough, or why I am having bone pain that could be contributed to vitamin d deficient, or how I am so tired that I want to take naps after I drop off my daughter at school, and how I go to sleep extra early at night, because I can't keep my eyes open. How I really need to talk to my dean at my college, because my studies have gone into poopland, because I am too foggy brained to even focus. Maybe it is stress, maybe I put too much on my shoulders lately, or maybe I just need to actually get these referrals through and have the courage to see the hematologist that I was supposed to see a week ago. Yep, I am notorious for wanting to be blissfully ignorant. Anywhoo, I just had to write this post. Because honestly, I am tired of being sick and tired.