About Us

My husband and I met when I was still an active duty Marine stationed in Hawaii. He met me when I was on crutches on Camp Smith, and he took me out on our very first date at The Pyramids in Waikiki. I was a stress ball from my command, and he was able to calm me down. I felt so relaxed around him, and we quickly became attached to the hip - and fell in love. Even though he was stationed on Kaneohe Bay, and I was on Camp Smith, we tried to see each other every day after work. Eventually, he got orders to Twenty-nine Palms, CA - I was devastated - and I was impending a medical review board for a non-healing tibial stress fracture. He left Hawaii May of 2006, and fate had us reunite a month later when I got the word I was getting medically discharged.

We got married December of 2006 in Las Vegas, and he deployed less than a month later. I welcomed our first daughter, Miss K, August of 2007. He came home 3 weeks later from his deployment in Iraq.

When Miss K was 8 months old, he deployed again to Afghanistan.

When he came home, December 2008, we received orders to Virginia, and we found out that we were expecting our second daughter, Miss A. She arrived late August 2009. We have been at our current duty station for the past 4 years and counting. I am excited to see what our next adventure will be soon.

That is us in a nutshell. :)