Friday, April 10, 2009

Maybe it's a...


So, I went to Angel baby ultrasound in Palm Desert on Saturday...and the baby decided to sleep... because she wouldn't move her legs AT ALL for the tech to see the private parts very clearly...she even called my baby lazy, which pissed me off. She kept shaking my belly to get the baby to spread the legs and still no avail... somehow she pointed out that I am having a girl...and Robert and I are confused because the baby didn't cooperate and I asked her, "Are you sure?" She was like, "I wouldn't have told you if I wasn't."

Mind you this, I have a daughter already and

Keira was blatantly obvious that she was a girl on her 18 week ultrasound.So, as of right now, until I get the anatomy scan...and hopefully I will drink some Mountain Dew to get this munchkin active, I will assume that I am having another precious lil girl. I have to admit that I had some gender disappointment because I don't plan on popping out more kids to have a little boy someday.

Although, I look at Keira and I believe she is the most gorgeous, precious little girl in the world, and if I am having another one of her... Daddy is going to have to ward off the boys. Robert is happy as can be...two Daddy's girls!!

I have decided to name her mother claims that Ayla was my alternate name for me...and of course decided to name me Holly instead. I love the name and its not too common.I am also doing her room in pinks and browns so that I can have two different personalities for both girls..Keira has a purple and green theme for Tinker Bell...I am excited either way... I just needed a few days to absorb my thoughts on the new baby...

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