About Me

My name is Holly, and I am a Marine, Mother, Wife, Daughter, and a sister. Plus, many more things. I love to write, and I hope to write a novel one day, and have it published. I am quirky, and spontaneous. I get my fiery personality from my mother, and my temper from my father. I love a good laugh, and I love going places. I constantly have the travel bug! I've noticed that with the military lifestyle, about every 1.5 years on station, I am itching to move again. We have been at our current duty station for 4 years and counting. Orders, please?

Marine Historic Half - 2011
Before (2008) After (2012)
With that said, I decided to embrace my situation, and about 2 years ago, I caught the running bug. I am in the grey shirt of my very first Marine Corps Historic Half marathon (2011), right before the race. Little did I know, that these ladies would also introduce my newfound love of CrossFit. It is amazing the physical changes over the last 2 years from making healthy choices. I have grown to love my fitness community of runners and CrossFitters, and I will deeply miss them when we do get that golden set of orders.

Doing a Power clean - Best fitness ugly pic, ever


Heritage 5 miler on 4th of July - 2013

I am also a Ragnar Ambassador, and I completed my first one last fall of 2012. I am currently training for my first full marathon that will take place this fall. You can find my fitness journey at: www.semperfitonthefly.blogspot.com

I don't apologize for the things I say on my blog, it is my blog, and I don't arrange my words around you. Feel free to view it for your reading pleasure.

Always leave a comment, I love stalkers, but I love comments the most. I've been reading the book: The Five Love Languages-- amazing. It completely makes you see everyone in a new light.

Anywhoo, this is me on the whim. :)