Saturday, July 30, 2011

If I Ever Go To War

{A poem that I found on one of my friends FB page, and although I am out now, this reminds me of a time in 2004, where if I was to deploy was undetermined.)

If I ever go to war Mom,
Please don’t be afraid,
There are some things I must do,
To keep the promise I made.
I’m sure there will be some heartache,
And I know that you’ll cry tears,
But your daughter is a Marine now; Mom,
There is nothing you should fear.

If I ever go to war Dad,
I know that you’ll be strong,
But you won’t have to worry,
Cause you taught me right from wrong.
You kept me firmly on the ground,
Yet still taught me how to fly,
Your daughter is a Marine now Dad,
I love you Semper Fi!

If I ever go to war Bro,
There are some things I want to say,
You’ve always had my back,
And I know it’s my time to repay.
You’ll always be my daybreak,
Through all of life’s dark clouds,
Your sister’s a Marine now, Bro,
I promise I’ll make you proud.

If I ever go to war my Friends,
We’ll never be apart,
Though we may not meet again,
I’ll hold you in my heart.
Remember all the times we had,
Don’t let your memories cease,
Your friend is a Marine now, Dear Friend,
And I’ll die to bring you peace.

And when I go to heaven,
And I see that pearly gate,
I’ll gladly decline entrance,
Then stand my post and wait.
I’m sorry Sir I can’t come in,
I’m sort of in a bind,
You see I’m still a Marine Sir,
So I can’t leave them behind.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodnight Moon Link-up~ Rebecca Black - My Moment

I just wanted y'all to have a good laugh this week with this song. ;) Enjoy!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Heading to the Stampede!

I am pretty excited to say, that I am going to this year's Scentsy convention!! Even bigger bonus, it is in my home state of Texas! And a few days minus the hubby and kiddos. My good friends are driving up from my hometown, and in-between convention activities, I get to see them. I wish you all could see my big smile here. I am pretty stoked that I get to see a whole bunch of people that love doing what I do. Pretty darn amazing business here. I am really looking forward to the Stockyards.. (we get to see Clint Black and Gloriana!!!) and I will be wearing this dress with some cowboy boots!

My friend (who is also my Scentsy sponsor) makes some incredible jewelry, and she is blinging us out Texas style in Scentsy colors. I can not wait until I see the finished product! I will have to upload those when they come in. :)
I am looking forward to seeing all the new fall product, and learning about where we are going on our incentive trip next year. I wasn't a consultant in time to earn the 2011 summer trip-- but, whoever earned it, got to go to DISNEYWORLD!! All expense paid for, and Scentsy surprised their consultants with amazing Disney gifts in their room. Who wouldn't want to earn one of those trips? I want to go! I want to go!
If you ever thought about making your own money from home, and doing something you love, I would love to have you on my team! Heck, maybe next year, we'll be hanging out at convention, and talking about the amazing Scentsy vacation we were just on. ;) Either way, I love this company, and I am darn excited about all the new friends I am about to make from convention.
I can't wait to post about it in a couple of weeks!

Be sure to check out my personal website HERE!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reason #657 Why I don't like taking Birth Control..

No, I don't rambunctiously have babies like the Duggars, but my body protests to these artificial hormones. My ovaries have decided to get angry again, and are being stingy with the eggs. They did this when I was on active duty, so it was no surprise when the ultrasound tech showed clusters of cysts on both ovaries.

Dang it!! They came back. It is called polycystic ovarian syndrome, and I have to find out if I actually have the syndrome part, but my body says otherwise. So, the OB managed to talk me into birth control to regulate my stubborn cycles, (not to actually prevent pregnancy, btw.) and it has tricked my body into thinking it's pregnant!! NOOO!! It is soo not cute! Bigger boobs, and a bloaty tummy. Did I mention I get emotional over everything? I tear up as if I had a little human in my stomach tugging at my heart strings. Headaches.. Not cute-- at least not until I really do want to get pregnant. And well, if we were trying, that is definitely a no go.

I am sure this is not the post you were hoping for, but I am assuming my general readers are females, and maybe you can get a good laugh at this. Needless to say, I will be off this mess in a couple of weeks!

*End rant. ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I love the way you hold me..

Friday, July 1, 2011

I am in LOVE with this Cupcake!!

Since I started selling Scentsy, {which I absolutely love doing} I got really excited about July's warmer of the month. I have a thing for cupcakes, and I could totally do my whole kitchen in a cupcake theme.

Yum! Yum!


The cupcake warmer is the first three layered warmer of its kind, and it is only 10% off this month! The scent of the month is "Happy Birthday" and it smells like sugary vanilla icing.

If you love Scentsy as much as I do, I would love to have you on my fabulous team. Feel free to browse my personal website, HERE.

I will be doing a cupcake warmer giveaway as soon as I get a 100 'likes' on my Scentsy fanpage, HERE.

Bring me Back my Bar!

Did you have a favorite scent bar that went away? In the month of July, 20 bars came out of the vault, and be sure to get it while you can! Because they go back in after July...