Monday, February 15, 2010

Where have I been?

I have completely neglected my duties of this blog! I need to be more "open" in my life because as my husband puts it, I have a wall up. How did I manage to have built this fort around me?

So, what happened in 2009?

  • We were expecting a beautiful girl, Ayla.
  • We moved from the West Coast to the East Coast just to have the movers steal our electronics and my most prized possession, the photo album of my life.
  • Trying to buy a house and it fell through because of a greedy realtor.
  • The beginning of building a home..
  • The catastrophe of my Dad and I's father/daughter relationship crumbling because of miscommunication
  • The birth of my 2nd beautiful daughter...Ayla Trinity. She didn't want to come on her expected due date, and decided to be a week early.
  • I turned 25...