Monday, August 9, 2010

Join in on my MilSpouse blog hop this week! :)


Here is how you can join in on the Hop! :)
* Post a brief bio on your blog introducing yourself. (My bio follows the Linky.)

* If you want to help spread the word, link back to me in your post. I have a button on my sidebar, but a simple link is fine.

* Add your blog name and URL to the Linky below. It's best to put a link to your post, not your home page.

* Follow any or all of the blogs on the list.

* For those you choose to follow, leave a comment letting them know you found them on the MilSpouse Blog Hop. Include your blog link in the comment to make it easier for them to return the visit.

* According to blogging etiquette, you should follow everyone who follows you. But this doesn't always happen. So please try not to harbor any ill feelings if you follow someone and they don't follow you back.

I will have this blog hop posted until Friday. Please spread the word. :)

(I got these steps from Riding the Rollarcoaster.. Thank you for introducing me to my first blog hop several months ago.)

Rob and Holly

Hello! If you are now joining in on my blog, I am a female Marine veteran married to my active duty Marine. We met about 5 years ago this month. We quickly fell in love, and then he was re-located to California nine months later. My Marine Corps career expired due to an injury and I followed him to his next duty station a month later. Later that year, we got married in Vegas, and I found out I was pregnant-- and then, he deployed. Fast forward-- we had two beautiful girls. I love my family and home is where the Marine Corps sends us! Feel free to follow my blog.. I love readers and comments. :)