Monday, August 23, 2010

Five years and counting.. :)

It is hard to believe that 5 years ago today, I met the man that I was going to marry (man of my dreams) and have two beautiful children with. Last night, I looked up at the clock at midnight and then looked at my five fingers on my hand and couldn't help but smile. We have come a long way babe! Five years may not seem a long time, but with the Marine Corps, pcs moves, deployments, pregnancies, and babies... it feels like an eternity! If you had told me that I somewhat fullfilled my American dream by 25 when I was 19, I would've called you a liar, lol. (My American dream is being married, having a couple of gorgeous little ones, owning a house, and having a career-- still working on that career dream, lol)

Where did we meet?

Not the greatest pic of me-- I was injured and gained weight, eck.
Taken January 2006

We met on Camp Smith in Hawaii-- He took me on a date to the Pyramids in Waikiki, and we have been hooked to the hip since!

Rocky roads..

Relationships, I have learned, will have their rocky roads. When I was on a med board, Mr. B was getting orders to Twentynine Palms, Ca. I felt like I was at a stand still with the Marine Corps and completely torn from what I love to do (being a Marine, unfortunately broken) and whom I loved. The question beared: should I stay or should I go ... The Marine Corps ruled that I should go due to my injuries not healing.
A month after Mr. B pcs'd, I was able to follow-- from paradise to hell, because he was well worth it.

We endured a miscarriage, two deployments back to back with two missed birthdays (the birth of our first daughter and her first birthday), an RPG blast, and the ups and downs of marriage and parenthood.

Wonderful times!

When he came home from those stressful, sleepless nights, slave to the cell phone, deployments...

He got to be home for the latest pregnancy, and got to witness every sickness (almost), hospital visits, the kicks and punches from the baby, the ultrasounds, and the birth. I got to squeeze his hand to death when the epi failed to work.. I was on cloud nine since he finally got to experience one of our girls birth.

Building of a new home-- We got to be proud homeowners, and I could still pinch myself! As stressful it is, I am proud to have this family unit.

Post deployment USMC ball-- January 2009
Although I haven't put every detail down of the past five years... (there are so many to count) These are the most important ones worth noting about... it is what truly shaped us into what we are today.. and so let it be.. five wonderful years and counting!