Friday, August 13, 2010

My Little Pony -makes mommy go crazy.. the party that is.

My three year old is obsessed with ponies, especially "My Little Pony". This year we have two daughters that are born in the same month, and we decided to do a combined party to celebrate. Lil sis is a little to young to have an input, however, she does like to hijack her sister's ponies from time to time! This year's theme is "My Little Pony"!

I have spent a crazy amount of time trying to plan out this party.. originally wanting it to be at the lake on base.. that fell through. Then, to have it at the club house in my community... Now, I am not a Chuck e Cheese kind of mom. I don't like venues that force their crummy food on you and you don't have an option to bring your own. So, I gave up, and decided that I am going to have it at my house. Today is the day prior, and I am seriously stressing!! I have to have an absolutely clean, de-cluttered house before noon tomorrow. The thing is, I have three levels!  I am a bit relieved that I have already ordered Chick Filet, and the gourmet cupcakes (just one less thing to prepare) Oh, and I don't like hamburgers and hotdogs, lol.

Crud, I have to wrap gifts! -good thing the party favors are filled, haha.
So, you would think that by the time the party is over tomorrow, I would be able to lay back and relax a bit? Wrong. Somehow I have to go pick my mom from the airport an hour after the guests are expected to leave. Don't get my wrong, I am completely stoked to see my mom, (haven't seen her since Thanksgiving) but, I am definitely going to be high-wired tomorrow! (Where is the Red-Bull?)

Oh! And I am going to make this ama-zing punch for the kiddos! I believe the parents are going to devour it! Want to know the recipe??

  • Grab a punch bowl with a ladle
  • Dump a pint of Raspberry Sorbet in the bowl
  • Add an entire 2 liter of Ginger Ale soda.
  • Add a little bit of juice from a lime
Woila! You got a great punch.. make sure you do two batches, it goes away quick!

Anywhoo, wish me luck! I got a crazy weekend to tackle!