Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The first day

My 5 year old just started kindergarten last week, and as I walked her to her classroom, a reel of memories flooded over me. 5 years I've nurtured her, through my womb when it was just us two, to witnessing her daddy hold her the first time from a long combat deployment, to watching her pick at her pink and purple princess birthday cake on her first birthday.

Watched her realize for the first time she would understand a pcs move the summer before she turned 2, and the panic on her face when we sat in an empty home. The road trip across the country, and watching her run across our new house, and the excitement on her face when she discovered her new room. Meeting her little sister and future partner in crime. Taking her little hand to her preschool, and watch her play with children her age.

 As we guided her to a new school, where I could no longer stay for awhile, she eagerly ran in, and forgot to turn around and tell us goodbye. My husband was caught by surprise, and it wasn't a cling to the leg, no... it wasn't a whimper or a cry. He called after her, and she ran back and gave him the biggest hug. I shrugged my shoulders, and realized that she will be alright. See, for my little girl, this is just the beginning. And I am sure as she grows up to be a woman, I will be playing that darn Mama Mia song...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I am starting up my college courses on Monday, and somehow got talked into 16 credit hours for the semester... eek! My daughter starts kindergarten next week, and my other one starts preschool in early September. Oh my! I am starting to feel a bit overwhelmed. Like, give me a brown bag to breathe into overwhelmed.

In other news, I am taking that stress out in CrossFit. An amazing way to get my toosh kicked every week, but I am getting results. I am going to be a Ragnar Relay participant this fall, and I am pretty excited about that!

Anywhoo, lots to say, but I am tired. Tonight's work out of the day wore me out!

Until next time,