Wanna contact me?

I am PR Friendly :)

I would love to do product reviews for any company that wants exposure. I will only do positive reviews on my site with actual full sized products to review. If I discourage the item(s), then I will will privately message the company.  I also encourage companies that are willing to do giveaways on my site as well.

Info about my household:

We are military family.
My husband loves to golf.
He loves anything with computers plus PC games.


I am willing to test any product you throw at me, lol :)

I have two beautiful daughters.

A 3 year old and a one year old. 

(I am quite sure they would love to test baby/toddler approved products)

Have something meant for a boy? I have a friend that has a 3 year old-- and I am sure she would love to test it out as well. :)

Here is my email address: HByrne09 {at} YAHOO {dot} com  :) I will respond within 24 hours.