Thursday, April 23, 2009

Becoming the economical retail therapist...on a budget!

So, I have figured out the BEST way of shopping...and that is online shopping. Not only do I get to shop in my jammies but I am also not having to spend the gas money to drive to my favorite retail shops. Sure everyone knows to look at the sale/clearance items for reduced prices...but, did you know that you can find even GREATER bargains that are hidden within each website?? These are PROMO codes that you input at the end of your transaction. All you have to do is GOOGLE your favorite store by adding online promo code...and then a wonderful list of websites pop up to help you grab the hidden bargains... Some of the promos require you to possess one of their credit cards to get the deal...and some of them will give you discounts on how much you spend or free shipping... Even better are the promotions with savings from new releases too... so that way you are not having to wait until it is clearanced to get the best deal...and sometimes that can be headache because they may not have your size!

So, in this recession, I have managed to find exclusive bargains that are friendly to my wallet.

Some of my favorite websites are: and

(and yes...I did figure this out myself...and this is my original post!)

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Amy, Chase and Morghan Lillard Friday, April 24, 2009  

LOl you are just like me! Sitting at home, ordering online and hunting for PROMO codes! i feel so great each time I find one that works! :)