Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu epidemic...

I am pregnant and have a toddler under the age of 2... The news has reported that there is a possible swine flu outbreak on base.. and there is "possibly" one confirmed Marine who has it...and 39 Marines that are being quarantined until they get the official test results back.If anyone knows anything about military installations especially a small community like ours...virus's spread very quickly like a wild fire...and the whole community can contract it. I live off base and I haven't been on base since last week...and I haven't left my house since Sunday evening. I just don't want to take any chances...So we have limited our outings and Keira stays at home and one parent leaves to go grab groceries...and in his case work. Keira, like most toddlers, don't know proper hygiene and puts objects and their hands in their mouth...and I am just going to limit her from being in public. I have noticed that we as a family get sick from Keira...She usually grabs a virus...and then Robert and I get it soon after.Call me paranoid...but, I don't have to mention the toddler casualty in Texas...Hopefully, the U.S. will band transportation across the Mexican border because we all know Mexico is the country that keeps infecting everyone...and a vaccine will be made in the next few months for those that haven't already contracted the flu...because I will be first in line to get it!

*UPDATE* The Pentagon has announced that the Marine is confirmed to have the swine flu...the remaining Marines are being held and not allowed in public places because of their exposure to the infected Marine. The WHO has announced that we are in phase 5 which is one step away from a full pandemic.

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