Thursday, March 18, 2010

My thoughts go to Mrs. P today

I was just reminded again today that I shouldn't take for granted the people I love dearly. This would include my "Halo"-my husband. I had a friend of mine today, post a message on Facebook about a newly widow/new mother to a precious baby girl. I remember like yesterday when I received the email from my husband that he was hit by an RPG in Afghanistan. When people ask him details of his story, I can't help but to choke up. I was very fortunate that Mr. B wasn't seriously injured or mortally injured in fact. The impact of the RPG was only 6 ft above his head, and with the grace of God, the majority of the shrapnel went in the opposite direction about a few feet away. I remember sitting at my computer thinking that it could've been the dreaded "knock". My eyes were stinging and it felt like a golf ball was stuck inside my throat. I kept thinking, if something happened... How would I survive as a single mother? Keira wouldn't have known who her father was. So, my heart goes out to Mrs. P, as now she carries on the Gold star flag...walking through uncharted territory as she buries the love her life. God bless her and her family and his.


Here is the official email:

Sent: Monday, September 08, 2008 6:59 AM

To: Mr. B

Subject: Where is my Sugarbears??
I miss you. *pout*
I just haven't heard from you in awhile, are you okay?
I would LOVE a comment back..
Love you ALWAYS,

~Holly and Keira

Mr. B's response:
Sorry baby,

Just now got to sit down at a computer. I’m still “outside the wire,” I’m actually stuck and can’t get a flight back. I haven’t showered in a 8 days and haven’t eaten a decent meal. Also, there are no portajohns, so we have to either dig a hole or crap in a wag bag. This is living hell.

Wow, so no one told you what happened to me? Yeah, I got blown up by an RPG. It impacted about 6 feet from where I was standing, knocked me back several feet. I blacked out and when I came too, I couldn’t hear anything, just ringing. Couldn’t see anything either, just dust and debris. I crawled a couple feet and a couple of Marines picked me up and carried me to the corpsman. I got a laceration to my left leg and a grade III concussion. I can’t hear very well from my left ear. I can’t sleep much either because of the constant headaches and ringing. I’ll live though, so don’t worry about me. I would have contact you after it happened, but there are no DSN phones or internet where I was. Still pretty jacked up no one called to tell you though.

It fucked me up more mentally I think, cuz I can’t stop thinking about what happened. I keep re-playing the event over and over.

Anyways, I love you very much. Give Keira lots of kisses from her daddy. I’ll write more tomorrow, I have to go.


Mr. B