Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Why I am thankful.." series with Guest blogger Lipstick and Leathernecks

 This week, I am featuring a series called, "Why I am thankful.." and if any bloggers would like to guest blog, please send me a comment with your email address. :)

I just wanted to say that I love her cute blog! It reminds me of a time when I wasn't a mommy, and waiting to move to Twenty-nine Palms, CA to be with my now husband. {We have since re-located} I also want to thank Mrs. S for taking the time out of her busy schedule to write a blog for me. :)

Lipstick & Leathernecks

When Holly asked me to write a blog for her, I thought two things…

1) “That is so sweet of her to ask! I’m flattered!”
2) “Holy crap, I’m guest blogging…?”

But me being me, I decided “Why not?” I’m already in the midst of writing 3 research papers and finishing up the semester, why not take a break and write about something I actually want to write about?

I had no idea what to discuss (I’m really boring!), but Holly suggested doing what I’m thankful for, and I think that’s a brilliant idea, so I’m gladly following her lead.

It’s been one of those months where you have to really strain to find something to be thankful for… If I’m honest, it’s been one of those years. The Husband got orders across the country, unexpected bills kept creeping up, I’m taking 18 credits this semester (and next!), and sometimes, I’m just lonely. So really, I’m doing this for me, but I’m glad to let you in on it and hopefully it’ll help you out, too.

So what am I thankful for?

I’m thankful for my husband. He works so hard and he rarely complains. He’s completely selfless and devoted to me and being the best husband he can be. He’s also devoted to the Corps and I think that is so admirable which makes me love him even more.

I’m thankful for my parents. They do a lot for us and life would be 1000x more difficult some days if they weren’t around. I give them a hard time sometimes, but they deal with me and my imperfections.

I’m thankful for my dog. Seriously, he was probably one of the 3 people/things that got me through my husband’s first deployment. It sounds totally ridiculous, but when I needed to talk, he listened (I swear he understands exactly what I’m saying at all times), and when I was down, he wouldn’t leave my side. He’s my buddy and has been since I was 10.

I’m thankful to have a roof over my head and a car that runs. That’s pretty self explanatory, I think!

I’m thankful for my opportunity to further my education. Not everyone gets that chance, but I did, so I’m so grateful for that.

I’m thankful for my mother in law who so graciously helps us whenever she can. She takes us to dinner and movies when we drop in for a visit, she gives me her golden plane tickets so I can fly free of charge to see The Husband (She’s a flight attendant and normally, The Husband and I have to fly standby, but she had two “must ride” passes and she gave them both to me), she’s fun, sweet, and genuinely kind hearted; a very rare trait.

I’m thankful for my cell phone (be quiet!). Seriously. It keeps me connected to the outside world. Also, it has The Angry Birds and that game is awesome. Promise.

I’m thankful for sushi. Does this need an explanation…?

I’m thankful for the Marine Corps. Despite all the flaws, I appreciate the opportunities it has given my husband, and even me. I’m also thankful for that dress blue uniform. Good work on that one, USMC. Good work.

I’m thankful for my life. It is pretty fabulous. It really, truly is.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things could be changing

For the past year, I have been actively engaging into my college coursework. I have been plowing through classes non-stop since January, in hopes of someday putting my Marine Corps OCS package together. It has been a bumpy road with detours every since I took up the challenge. While I have been utilizing my GI Bill, I have also been working on my resume. I can write a college research paper better than I can type up my resume. Honestly, I get stumped about my job skills. 

Me and some fellow Marines in Hawaii 2005 {I am wearing the PI shirt}

The Story:

I was an 0151 (Administrative Clerk) when I was on active duty, and well, I didn't go to the typical IPAC or S1 shop. My orders sent me to the Central Identification Laboratory on an Air Force base. Yes, you saw that correctly, I was a Marine stationed on an Air Force base. I literally had to go back to my Gunnery Sergeant, and asked him if my orders were correct, and what kind of command was this? Not that I was complaining, I got my first pick to Hawaii; however, I deeply confused on where I was going. I didn't go alone, and I had another Marine stationed with me from our MOS {military occupational school} school. When I arrived off the plane in Hawaii from baggage claim, I didn't expect to be greeted by an Army Corporal. This Army Corporal gave me a run down about how I had gotten chosen for his shop, and where my living quarters were going to be-- on an Navy installation. Confused yet? Because I certainly was! Low and behold, I would be stationed at the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command HQ.

How did I get so luckly to snag a position there, immediately out of training? It was a culture shock to have to work with every branch of the service, Coast Guard  and not utilize what I had learned from my MOS school. It was like I went to school for nothing, and was learning on the job, how to do my job. I was exposed to some really awesome things though. I was transferred several months later to a bigger command in Hawaii, and was sent to their Public Affairs office. Here I was, thrown into another shop, where my MOS school didn't help me out at all. I picked up Lance Corporal, and was still surrounded by nine officers of different branches. I was the only Marine enlisted, and I felt alone. But, I knew that I was fortunate to be able to have my position that this higher headquarters, and it came with stress. I was there for about a year until I was medically discharged. I had a stubborn injury since M.C.T. and it wouldn't rehabilitate while on active duty.

I never went to the VA to claim my disability, and up my percentage. I guess you can call me stubborn. I miss the Marine Corps like nobody's business. I have been patiently waiting for the past four years, gradually working out, and strengthening my body to go back in. My husband would like me to get a federal position, and complete college. The federal position is hard, just as any job, because I can't just explain to them on my resume, why there is such a lag in time from active duty until now. I can't explain why I didn't complete four years in the Marine Corps. I feel like I am stuck in the middle, and the only thing I can do is plug away at my degree. Technically, my job skills in the Marine Corps, were supposed to lead me to an human resources position. {I've read that announcement, and I didn't fit.}

My previous unit received an award, and it wasn't announced until a year after I was discharged. I didn't know that it was going to be such a pain to put it into my military records. I have spoken to a prior-service recruiter, and I am starting my paperwork on coming back in as a reservist. My goal is to finish college while on reserve duty, and then submit my package to become an officer. A lot of stuff, in a short amount of time.

Anywhoo, thanks for reading! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Death to "Crackberry"

My phone officially passed away this morning. Cause of injury: abrupt trauma with devastating fractures. Final cause of demise: slobbered to death by the villian known as "Ayla". After repeat resuscitation, no revival. :/

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wanna be a guest blogger?

Please email me! I would love your submissions. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

The day after Veteran's Day

So, this post is coming a day late. Yesterday, I was busy enjoying my husband home, and watching "The Pacific" on HBO. I teared up watching the mini-series, because I have such pride for the Marine Corps-- past and present. This year, I am not only thanking my husband for having to sacrifice his time to serve in the Marine Corps, but my Grandpa who recently passed away last December, at 93 years old. He served in WWII during the European tour. He was a Sgt in the Army, and fought at the battle of the Bulge, battle of Normandy, and was there to liberate a Nazi concentration camp. From what my father has told me, he didn't talk much about the war, except when he was intoxicated. Last year, as my family were pcsing from the west coast to the east coast, I made sure to make a detour to see my Grandpa one last time. (He told my father that he wouldn't make it to Christmas--and died the day before my birthday, four days before Christmas.) I tried to asking about the war, but he only nodded and talked about the women that he encountered while he was serving. My husband and I thought it was quite amusing.

It wasn't until he passed away, and had a military funeral in Texas, that he was awarded five Bronze stars during WWII. His unit was even awarded a Silver star, I believe. He is not here this year, but I will always remember what he did for our country.

Semper Fidelis.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marines!!

Today, we are celebrating 235 years of being "Teufel Hundens", a term that was given to us in France by the German's-- meaning "Devil Dog". In case you don't know, and are new to my blog, I am indeed a Marine. Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.

I remember my first Marine Corps Birthday on November 10, 2004, and what awaited us in the chow hall was like Heaven. Officers were serving us steaks, lobster, shrimp cocktails, and all the works. I remember sitting down at the table with a beautifully decorated napkin, and a brochure to keep. It was an awesome day to be with my fellow Marines.

As we enjoy 235 years, I want to remember all those Marines that sacrificed their lives, and can't be here today. Semper Fidelis.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Bread from New York

Another tale about Parris Island from 2004...

Sometimes, I think about the "traumatic" events (giggle) from Parris Island when I was nineteen years old. Traumatic would be for those that are not accustomed to constant bullying growing up, and having a women call you crazy names the entire time you are in their direct line of fire. I laugh now, being over six years, about the ridiculous names we were given in my platoon. One name struck a particular note, that I some times giggle about it in fond memory. It is how this particular recruit got the name, "white bread from New York".

It was another usual chaotic, robotic time during the chow line, getting ready to quickly grab "one scoop and go" when this recruit (I am not going to say names, lol) saw that the bread had run dry. She had the audacity to ask a civilian worker for some more white bread, (because how dare they forget to bring more out) just as our drill instructor came around the corner. What came after that, was INSANE. As a recruit, you do not speak to anyone without permission, let alone a civilian. I am quite sure that she was not going to eat her food comfortably that day.

Now, I was a regular quarter-deck kind of girl. A "quarterdeck" was the space between the "racks" in the "squadbay". When this female recruit made it back to the squadbay, the quarter-deck was calling her name. Of course, my name followed, as it always did, and as we pushed together, the drill instructor managed to yell out, "Push! White bread!" So, from then on, she was known as "white bread from New York". I wonder where she is today? I am usually good about keeping in touch with the girls that made it through with me during that grueling time, but sometimes, you lose touch.

What makes a friend?

As you know might know, about every three years, we pick up and move to another duty station. I LOVE to move to different places around the United States, and heck, maybe we'll end up in Japan one day. I tend to get antsy living in one spot for too long, and I blame it on the travel bug. The only down fall about moving so frequently, is making and maintaining friendships. Sure, I have my husband, he is my BEST friend of all, but I miss having a tight knit set of girlfriends to hang out with. We live quite a ways from base at this particular duty station, and unfortunately, gathering friends is rather hard. Sure, I have a handful of gals that I can chit chat with (occasionally) but, I really miss my girls that I had gotten so close with back in Twenty nine Palms.  Luckily, I will be venturing back home to the great state of Texas, and I get to see my best friends; (Big SMILES here!) however, I don't go home but once a year-- double bummer. So, anyhow, a set of events occurred today with some friends of mine, that really bothered me. So, I guess that is reason why I am posting. It is days like today, that I feel kinda by myself doing my monotonous everyday thing at home. Sigh*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a g-o-o-d ship... lollipop!

It's a s-w-e-et trip to the c-a-n-d-y shop~
Where the bons bons pla-y!
At the shores of peppermint

My husband and I have decided that our oldest daughter with naturally curly hair looks like Shirley Temple. She does have the cutest dimples and the most gorgeous naturally curly hair... :)

AND she loves to sing!

Good season, Sharks!

I was invited back in August to play for a co-ed softball league, and our team was called the Sharks. I hadn't officially played a sport growing up, thanks parents and I finally got to play. The team made me catcher, and I really enjoyed my position. We made it to the play off's, and although we lost, we sure did have fun! I wish I had some pics to post, but it got too cold, and the games were too late for the family to come out and watch. Bummer.  Well, until next season, anyways! :)

Facebook deleted, check!

Deleting Facebook seriously needed to be done. For my friends out there, and the fam, I will be creating a some kind of "photobucket" account for your viewing pleasure. My contact information is at the link up at the top, and email me so I can email you! :) I will also try to be more diligent about blogging.