Friday, November 12, 2010

The day after Veteran's Day

So, this post is coming a day late. Yesterday, I was busy enjoying my husband home, and watching "The Pacific" on HBO. I teared up watching the mini-series, because I have such pride for the Marine Corps-- past and present. This year, I am not only thanking my husband for having to sacrifice his time to serve in the Marine Corps, but my Grandpa who recently passed away last December, at 93 years old. He served in WWII during the European tour. He was a Sgt in the Army, and fought at the battle of the Bulge, battle of Normandy, and was there to liberate a Nazi concentration camp. From what my father has told me, he didn't talk much about the war, except when he was intoxicated. Last year, as my family were pcsing from the west coast to the east coast, I made sure to make a detour to see my Grandpa one last time. (He told my father that he wouldn't make it to Christmas--and died the day before my birthday, four days before Christmas.) I tried to asking about the war, but he only nodded and talked about the women that he encountered while he was serving. My husband and I thought it was quite amusing.

It wasn't until he passed away, and had a military funeral in Texas, that he was awarded five Bronze stars during WWII. His unit was even awarded a Silver star, I believe. He is not here this year, but I will always remember what he did for our country.

Semper Fidelis.