Thursday, November 4, 2010

What makes a friend?

As you know might know, about every three years, we pick up and move to another duty station. I LOVE to move to different places around the United States, and heck, maybe we'll end up in Japan one day. I tend to get antsy living in one spot for too long, and I blame it on the travel bug. The only down fall about moving so frequently, is making and maintaining friendships. Sure, I have my husband, he is my BEST friend of all, but I miss having a tight knit set of girlfriends to hang out with. We live quite a ways from base at this particular duty station, and unfortunately, gathering friends is rather hard. Sure, I have a handful of gals that I can chit chat with (occasionally) but, I really miss my girls that I had gotten so close with back in Twenty nine Palms.  Luckily, I will be venturing back home to the great state of Texas, and I get to see my best friends; (Big SMILES here!) however, I don't go home but once a year-- double bummer. So, anyhow, a set of events occurred today with some friends of mine, that really bothered me. So, I guess that is reason why I am posting. It is days like today, that I feel kinda by myself doing my monotonous everyday thing at home. Sigh*