Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Marines!!

Today, we are celebrating 235 years of being "Teufel Hundens", a term that was given to us in France by the German's-- meaning "Devil Dog". In case you don't know, and are new to my blog, I am indeed a Marine. Once a Marine, ALWAYS a Marine.

I remember my first Marine Corps Birthday on November 10, 2004, and what awaited us in the chow hall was like Heaven. Officers were serving us steaks, lobster, shrimp cocktails, and all the works. I remember sitting down at the table with a beautifully decorated napkin, and a brochure to keep. It was an awesome day to be with my fellow Marines.

As we enjoy 235 years, I want to remember all those Marines that sacrificed their lives, and can't be here today. Semper Fidelis.