Sunday, February 20, 2011

"I'm St-rong!!"

Yesterday morning, the hubby put Miss K on our pull-up bar, and she was able to do one barely assisted. He puts her down, and she flexes her bicep, and goes, "I'm str-ong!" Oh, I wish I had a video of her saying that! The hubby and I will be laughing for days over that. :)

Today at Starbucks, I decided to take some pics of the girls on my camera phone. You can distinctively see the difference in the two personalities. Miss K is my outgoing, gotta be the life of the party-girl, and Miss A is the sweet, run-from-the-camera reserved girl.

So, here are the sweet pics of my girls!

Miss K's pose of choice, lol!

We're in trouble!

Miss A munching on her 'nana.

Such a sweet little girl!