Monday, February 14, 2011

{Guest post from my husband} You are as cold as "ICE"

My husband is a pretty funny guy, (okay, I'm a bit biased..) but when he told me about ICE-- I begged him to share his story with you all!

{His Story}

I've been told that I can be "cold as ice," when telling it like it is.  Well imagine my excitement when the Marine Corps instituted the ICE system and no I'm not talking about Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  It is the Interactive Customer Evaluation system and boy is it fun!  It is a web based complaint form that any customer aboard a Marine Corps base can utilize when they see or in my case experience horrible customer service.  Your complaint/recommendation goes straight to the director of the department!  Since first learning of this amazing (and enjoyable) system, I have used it on 3 different occasions. 

My first ICE complaint was on the 7 day store on base.  I am a frequent customer to their coffee mess.  They serve Seattle's Best coffee.  Well in mid December, it turned into Seattle's Worst.  They constantly ran out of sugar, creamer and even cups!  I mean, who runs out of cups?  There was also grinds in every cup...gross?  Well after about the 5th day, I decided to write to my new found friend, Mr. ICE.  I told them the problems and being that it was so close to Christmas, I ended the complaint with, "to summarize, the coffe mess in your store is ho, ho horrible."  The next morning it was fixed and haven't had a problem since. 

 My 2nd ICE was awarded to dental.  I had a scheduled cleaning that I made about 3 weeks in advance.  I showed up 20 minutes early, only to be told that my dentist "called in sick" and that "I couldn't be seen today" and that "sorry, you should have been called."  She then said she could re-schedule me... 3 weeks from then.  Um, no?  Hello Mr. ICE.  Within 2 hours of writing the complaint, I had an O-6 in the Navy email me apologizing and that "they have failed me."  Needless to say, I was seen that same day. 

My 3rd horrible customer service experience came in the chow hall (who would have guessed?)  My friend and I were just craving a cheeseburger, so we swung by the chow hall, walked up to a disgruntled 50 something lunch lady who took our order.  My buddy ordered his cheeseburger and then I said I'd like the same.  After a few minutes, she handed him his burger, with some onion rings.  Then she handed me my burger, all by it's lonesome.  I kindly asked her, "um, where are my onion rings, ma'am?"  She rudly replied, "Huh?" "You wanted sum rings?"  "You gotta ask for it!"  Then stormed off to the freezer.  My buddy leaned over and said, "I guess you ask for good service too."  After my ICE complaint, I've never seen that lady serving cheeseburgers again.  I would imagine they put her in the back somewhere, far away from customers. 

In summary, the ICE system is there for you, the customer and it WORKS.  So the next time you have grinds in your coffee, have an appointment butchered or have a lunch lady yell "You gotta ask for it!"  Go online, click on Mr. ICE and tell him what happened!

Mr. B

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Erin Monday, February 14, 2011  

Your husband had me at "ho, ho, horrible." Hilarious! I love the ICE system, and used it the last time I was at DEERS, fo' sho! Rudeness and poor service won't be tolerated! I do make a point of leaving positive comments as well.

histurkey Monday, February 14, 2011  

Oh how i love ICE .. We are in mainland jp and we def have to use it here .

Rox Monday, February 14, 2011  

Ho Ho Horrible... HILARIOUS! Good for you for using ICE, you're the only person I've ever heard of using it! Glad to know it works.

Our Crazy Bunch Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

That is too funny that your hubby is the one who uses ICE. When we lived in Okinawa I was the one always ICE'ing someone for their poor service. It used to annoy my hubby. The straw that popped my ICE cherry was a lady in Pediatrics telling there was NOTHING wrong with my kid and that I was a paranoid mother. I was so paranoid that my poor kid had a bacteria running through his blood and was hospitalized for over 2 weeks. I never saw her in Pediatrics again.

mlbrownfamily Thursday, February 17, 2011  

Must be something about Okinawa, When we were there and our daughter had an echocardiogram scheduled when she was 4wks old (so ask you can guess, we are a lil FREAKED OUT), the day of, after I'd arranged for care of our son, and had everything set up to go, I get a call saying that "oh, we can't do it today, we'll have to reschedule you". I was LIVID and crying, so upsed, b/c we didnt know what was wrong w/ our daughter, except that they thought she had a genetic syndrome and she wasn't gaining weight, and was losing weight sometimes. She'd already had problems w/ her breathing, and now these technicians are putting me off! i went right inside my house and did an ICE complaint, and the head tech, who apparently gets all those called me right away. I didn't sign my name or anything on the complaint, but there aren't too many 4wk olds that need echos there, so she put 2 and 2 together. We were seen a few days later. All turned out ok thank goodness. also, would I have known about it or been familiar w/ it when we first arrived on island, I would have ICEd a Pediatrician as well. Dr P, i couldn't stand her, she degraded me, acted like I had no clue how to take care of my son, no clue what anything was, & blew me off. We never saw her anything. Ever. I heard she'd recieved a lot of complaints though, and then she was gone. Hopefully they kicked her off the island!