Monday, April 12, 2010

Starving Children in...

The "B" house! No - no starving children here. Keira is a very strong-willed child and is also a notorious snacker. It has been a power struggle to get her to eat anything, but mac and cheese, grilled cheese, cheese sticks, snack packs, bananas, apples, and just snacks in general. So, today we went and met with her best friend, and my friend, Mrs. S to celebrate her birthday at a local restaurant. I decided to go against what I typically ordered for her and I got the grilled chicken and steamed broccoli, oh my! Keira, however, was not thrilled with the plate in front of her and decided to push the plate away. Determined as ever, I decided to offer the plate to her and insisted that if she didn't eat it now that I was going to box it go and she would eat it later. Mr. B came home later and I informed him that if she asked for food, that he would pop the chicken and broccoli into the microwave and present it to her. 7 p.m. has came, and Keira decided that she is hungry after throwing a tantrum when daddy didn't give her a popsicle - which didn't help that he ate one in front of her. He heated up the food and sat her at the big table and I would be darn... she ate her food!! I was so excited and made such a fuss.. she got a Weight Watcher cookie for dessert, lol. So, this is a start, and I will get her to break this horrible snacking habit. I have also implemented daily physical activities whether it be to the playground or the indoor play area at the mall. I just want her running around and not vegging in front of the t.v. I didn't do that as a child, and I don't want my children to that either. Its a matter of establishing a healthy lifestyle for our children and it begins now.


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Amy, Chase and Morghan Lillard Tuesday, April 13, 2010  

Morghan LOVES to snack as well! We are trying to break that habit as well and she is just starting to eat veggies. Last week she ASKED for a salad with her chicken... I about had a heart attack! :)