Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Crazy Drivers!

I had a little excitement today, not the excitement I was looking for. I was off to class as usual, and I was the first one to arrive at the red stop light when two vehicles collided. As the black truck and the green Volvo crunched into each other, my mind was in slow motion and I stared in complete awe. The Volvo managed to push the truck towards our side of stopped vehicles and a woman jumped out of her car while it was in motion. She yelled at her passenger, "Get out of the vehicle!" The car was still rolling and was about to run smack into my grill. I held my breath and all I could think to do was put my car in reverse because I was literally trapped from either side. I wasn't able to inch back very much, but thankfully the vehicle stopped on its own a foot from my car and I mean a foot. I remember seeing a lot of gas coming from the Volvo, and I managed to reach for my cell phone and step out of my vehicle. A fellow bystander yelled at me to call 9-1-1. All I got was, "The circuits are busy now, please try your call again later" or some nonsense like that. I was thinking, You've gotta be kidding me?! Another witness was able to get through and within minutes the ambulance and police/firetruck were on the scene of the accident. I was still confused on what had just happened, and mainly because I was actually paying attention to the light and then, WHAM! the accident... A lot happened in a split second, so I hope what they received from me was helpful.. I tried.

So, here is what happened: A woman sped through a red light as the traffic had the green arrow to turn left coming from the opposite direction, and she managed to impact the guy that was in the truck that was turning left. She hit him hard enough to push both vehicles on our side of traffic. Before this happened I could hear the screams from the vehicle on my left side and it caught my attention just as the two vehicles collided. The woman that caused the accident was in complete hysterics when she jumped out of the vehicle and the her passenger was obviously in shock. I was a bit shaky for about an hour and thankfully, the car stalled right before it could hit mine. :)

On another note.. When I was able to get to my vehicle after writing down a witness statement, I had to put on my blinker to get into the right turning lane because my lane was obviously obstructed. Of course people here are rude drivers and won't give you a break to squeeze into traffic. So, I waited until the red light and tow driver managed to pull the Volvo out of my way. The woman that was stopped in the right turning lane had the audacity to ask if I could let her turn left first when the light turn green because she didn't anticipate them moving the car. SERIOUSLY?? You were inconvienced because you had to get into the right turning lane?? How about the fact I've been stuck here since the wreck occured (35 minutes and counting) and you find it necessary to jump ahead and turn left. She actually demanded it too! I let her go ahead but, it just frustrated the hell out of me.

So, I managed to get to class late just as my professor was going over a cause/effect paper that we had to critique. Guess what the paper was over? "Redlight runners" LMAO. So, I was able to give a personal example of the effects of a person running a red light, lol. Oh, what a day!

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