Friday, April 9, 2010

"Oh MY Goodness!"

So my head hurts today and I mean it REALLY hurts. I am not good with dealing with death and dying and maybe thats why I took a philosophy class back in California on the subject matter. Truth is, I see too much sickness and the whole death and dying drama. Taking this particular class, I felt that maybe I could learn more and prepare myself a little better with proper research. Ha ha ha. Nothing can prepare you when a loved one falls critically ill and is literally "knocking on heaven's door".  I try to desensitize myself and pretend that its a fact of life and go about my day. But, the fact is... it sucks and its going to happen.. kinda reminds me of the movie, "Final Destination" without the sick twistedness - we are all un-immune to death, and its obviously going to happen someday.

The point of this post is this: My step-sister whom I've known for the past 18 years contracted the H1N1 virus and it evolved into double pneumonia. She is in the ICU in critical condition and is in a coma induced-like state. Her lungs are not responding, and she has an oxygen machine doing the work for her. My dad says its looking rather grim. My sister wasn't always the best sibling to me growing up, (she's 8 years senior), and I understand I wasn't the easiest little brat to get along with, but I did settle my differences with her and I have long time forgiven her. I have a slew of siblings and if this happened to any other, my response would be the same.

People laugh about contracting this virus, like the media played it all up... but, I am seeing the harsh reality of what that virus can do to somebody. All we can do is pray that she heals and its in God's hands at this time.


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Robin W. Payne Friday, April 09, 2010  

I am so sorry to hear about your step-sister. I'm sending good thoughts your way Holly!