Monday, April 5, 2010

LOST...(Story of my life)

So, I am completely into the show Lost, and its sad that I am having to watch the remaining episodes each week as it nears the final show of the series. I fell in love with the island of Oahu when I was stationed there, and its no wonder why anyone wouldn't be drawn to such a beautiful place. It does have an ugly side but when you peel away the layers and focus on the actual beauty of the waterfalls on a rainy day off the H3, or cliffjumping off the Pali... its the memories of when I first fell in love with my husband that makes me yearn to go back. I used "Lost" as a metaphor because I am constantly being reminded with life on Hawaii through friends that have just moved there, been stationed there with me, or the damn show! So, I am more or less homesick for the island and maybe its the nostaglia of meeting my husband or the great friends that I met there... who knows! Sadly, I even told Mr. B that if I could choose from owning a beautiful house or living back in HI, I would choose HI, lol. Its definitely my happy place. :)

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