Friday, April 23, 2010

Keira, the princess of Pottyland!

Well, she is trying! We've been having our ups and downs on potty training since Ayla was born. I haven't been pushing it on her, and it seemed that she would volunteer to go. Then, all of a sudden, that enthusiasm went away all too quickly. I would coax her to go, and with great reluctance, she would scream, "NO!" Nothing more frustrating than having a toddler down right refuse the potty and leaves us to clean the massive amount of diapers each day. Two kids, and twice the diapers, yuck!  Plus, they are not helping our pockets nor the environment.

So, I have outreached to other parents to see how their tots were/are being lured into the joys of being potty-trained. Some suggested that I give a piece of candy for a reward each time they go, and frankly, I don't want to associate food with rewarding behavior - just leads to unhealthy habits later. The sticker currency method has definitely grabbed my interest! Each time the tot goes to the potty, they are rewarded with  a "50 cent" sticker to go into their "checkbook" and to be cashed when they go shopping. This is also a good way to teach them about savings as well. I would like to thank Brittany for this one! I realize that I spoil Keira wa-ay too much and this would be a good time to teach her that things must be earned and not given.

The phone call.. from a princess!! My friend also offered to talk to Keira as a Princess, when she would go to the potty... so, I put it to the test. SUCCESS! I honestly can say that I have never seen Keira so enthusiastic to go on to the big potty - screw the tot potty! She tinkled, and then was able to get praise from  a princess. The look on Keira's face was definitely priceless. So, the potty training saga continues..

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