Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Juice Plus and Smoothies!

I have long heard the wonderful effects of whole foods and how they do wonders on your body. I have recently started purchasing Juice Plus capsules from a independent distributer after watching videos and doing some research on this product. Juice Plus is a whole food capsule - not a vitamin- and has all the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables compacted in a powdered capsule form! Its obviously not recommended to use as an actual substitute from eating fruits and veggies, but it does inhance the nutrients entering your body on a cellular level. I am no expert on this product, and you can certainly "google" Juice Plus for more information. So, with that being said, I am starting to make yogurt smoothies for my two year old and pouring the Juice Plus powder into the mix.. And she LOVES it!! Now, I know I am nutritionally supplementing her diet because I can't force feed her something she won't eat. However, I can use parenting tactics to make her want to eat what is in front of her.

In addition, I need to somehow convince Mr. B to go on a farm co-op with me. To do that, we find a local farm that grows produce and is willing to share for a season if we buy into their farm; meaning locally grown, organic produce! I am seriously thinking about converting into a health nut without preservatives in our diet. This could be a hard switch for the family, but I just want to be able to nourish my growing fam as much as possible. It means no more shopping in the center isles of the grocery stores with products that contain a ridiculous amount of sodium. I have already introduced the organic lifestyle to Ayla and she won't know any different. Now, if I can kick my cravings for sweets. ;)

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