Thursday, April 7, 2011

{My Fairy Tale Wedding} Please vote for us! :)

Disney is doing a contest right now that you can enter to have a complete Disney Fairy Tale Wedding completely paid for--including airfare with up to 3 guests. This is something I truly would want to win! :)

So here is our "USMC Love Story" bio:

My Love Story is:

My husband and I met when we were both active duty Marine Corps in Hawaii. We fell in love rapidly, and couldn't bare to be away from each other for long. When he got orders to California, I was able to follow him to the mojave desert. Luck would have it, and he was set to deploy three weeks after we had a quick wedding in Vegas with an impending pregnancy.

With two back to back combat deployments, and two precious little girls with a purchase of a new home; we unfortunately hadn't had the time nor the money to have a fairytale wedding that I've always dreamt of with my prince charming. A Disney Fairy Tale wedding would be the perfect vow renewal with our love ones to witness! :)

So, please visit HERE to find us, and vote! Our submission should be on the site within 24 hours, and I when I see it, I will post the actual url! Thank you! :)

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