Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've been very tired lately...

GI what??

Ever since I've gotten back from Parris Island, my energy levels has been run down. It started off with a frontal sinus infection, and an extremely sore throat with tender glands. So, I went to dr. complaining about my throat, and they tested me for mono, strep, the flu-- the usuals. Those all came up negative. They did a basic complete blood count, and that looked normal. So, then this past weekend, I went back with chest pain. Here I am thinking that I have bronchitis or something since I didn't have a productive cough, and immediately they think that it is my heart. Granted, I had bradycardia back in 2007 after having Miss K, and with that they were worried. My EKG came out normal, and so did the chest xray. So, then they figured that I was having acid reflux. I had an ah ha moment. Yesterday was my ears, nose, and throat appointment with the ENT. He wants to do extensive blood work, and see if I have any autoimmune disease that is making me feeling so cloudy brained, and exhausted. He is going to look for mono, (not the rapid test that was done previously) Lupus, and Lyme disease. Lovely, right?

Although in my head, I need to see the GI specialist because it is obvious I am having some gastro problems  I've ignored for the past few years. When my gallbladder was removed, I assumed that certain things that have been occuring were normal since being removed. Apparently, that may not be the case. So, hopefully I will find out some answers soon. Right now, I get to take my generic Zantac, and hope that stops any more damage the acid is doing to my already raw throat.

In other news...

Do you remember the {post} where I mentioned the free Scion military appreciation care package? It arrived--only a week later! :)  It came with the bag, a large tshirt, beanie, chapstick, a cool pen, a key chain, ear plugs, 2gb thumb drive, a complimentary 1hr internet card, and 3 free ring tones. :)

Oh, and don't forget, I am having a ThirtyOne party online at: www.mythirtyone.com/terricrocker  If you would like to help me reach my $500 party goal to get a rolling tote, please order for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate. You have until Saturday, April 16 at 2pm est. Every little bit helps! Don't forget to click "to order" twice to find my name! Thank you!! :)

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Krystal ; That Recruit's W I F E Tuesday, April 12, 2011  

Aw, I hope you get to feeling better! All those trips to the doctor must be no fun. :(