Thursday, April 28, 2011

Goodnight Moon song link up! {It feels like home}

So, I love this song, and when the Mr. and I have our actual wedding, this will be the song that I will use to make a video montage with. It makes me cry everytime I listen to it, and if you are a sap like me, grab a tissue! Enjoy-- and don't forget to go and link-up with Goodnight Moon to add your song of the week.  

5 Amazing thoughts:

Jessa Thursday, April 28, 2011  

What a sweet song! Perfect for a wedding montage!

Amanda Thursday, April 28, 2011  

I never get tired of this one- it's a favorite!

Anonymous Thursday, April 28, 2011  

LOVE this song! This is the best movie/song scene I think that exists out in the world haha [in my opinion] on How to Lose a Guy in 10 days... LOL perfect choice though! Such a beautiful song!

Poekitten Thursday, April 28, 2011  

Love this DH loves it too:)

Steph Thursday, April 28, 2011  

I'm a big fan of this song too!!

I first heard a version by Raul Malo/Martina McBride and fell in love with it and then discovered this version too!!