Monday, January 3, 2011

{Twenty-Ten} A year in Review

Better late than.. never. :)


 I forgot to blog.. oops.


Welcome back to blogger! I reviewed a month later about what had happened in 2009... and have been writing every month since. Go me!


My husband had his wonderful birthday, and I ordered this wonderful golf cake!


We closed on our first home!

I dealt with my favorite show, Lost coming to end, and how I viewed where I was at in life.


I went on a getaway with the girls to New York City! I had soo much fun!


Miss K and I went and saw some great friends in North Carolina


We celebrated 4th of July


Miss K turned 3 and Miss A turned 1! (A combined birthday to celebrate.)

My momma came to visit!

Mr. B was a Distinguished Graduate from the Career Course. (Top GPA in his class.)


We made a special trip to North Carolina so Miss K could see her best friend on her birthday.


I played for a co-ed softball team, the Sharks.


I went home to Texas, and Keira got to re-unite with her "unofficial" twin, Chase!


Goodness! What a month! Just look at the last post , lol.

Miss A was in the hospital with RSV and Bronchiolitis for three days

Went skiing for the first time at Purgatory in Colorado

Just a few blog headers that I went through this past year!