Friday, June 3, 2011

See ya later, Alligator...

I know you all want to see pics and hear about the amazing time we had in Hawaii, but I have more pressing thoughts on my mind today-- so I will get to the Hawaii post after this one.

"See ya later, Alligator..."

I found out yesterday that a sweet friend of mine died in a pretty tragic way. After texting some of my closest friends, they were dumbfounded, {and thought I was joking} when I told them that my friend had been eaten by an alligator. *Stunner, right?

I was at my friend's house grabbing a Scentsy order, when I got the phone call from one of my best friends.

"Holly? Where are you at-- what are you doing?"

"I am at a friend's house, what is going on?" I knew from her voice that something didn't sound right.

"You're going to need to sit down." Shit. When someone tells you to sit down, it usually means a death. My mind is racing a million miles an hour because I am trying to figure what could be wrong back home. I think of my dad...

"Little Randee went missing at Kemah last night after drinking with some friends, and they couldn't find her.. She jumped in a pond, and an alligator got her, and they found her body in pretty bad shape this morning." Stunned, and completely in shock... my friend is gone-- and the tears start.

I had to let her go. So, I get off of the phone, crying.

I tell my friend what happened, and I told her not to worry, I was a tough girl.

Luckily, I was on base visiting, and I was already planning on picking him up. Of course, when he calls to see if I am already there, I break down and cry. I can barely breathe out the words.

Randee, was like my extended family--another sister. I dated her older brother for a while when I was 18 and 19. Their family also took me in when I needed a place to stay. (I had left home when I was 18, and this was before I had joined the Marine Corps.) I had gotten along pretty well with the whole family, and then I moved away to live with my mom briefly before I left for the Marine Corps. Her brother and I didn't work out, and we parted ways; however, I was still friends with Randee.

I remember visiting after I got out of bootcamp, and calling her when I reached Hawaii for my first duty station. I lost touch with her over a few years, and about a year ago, we got back in touch. It was when I found out that her father died. That broke my heart, too. He was such a sweet guy. She had a pretty rough year grieving over her dad. It was just a month ago, I was talking to her for hours on the phone. We could always talk about anything under the blue moon. I told her that I would come and visit her whenever I went back home. She had even thought about coming up, and visiting as well.

Now, my heart is sad that we will never get together again. She was so freaking young, and I just wished she had made wiser choices. (I won't post all that on here.)

Yesterday, I was hot mess about this news. Questions keep racing through my mind, and sometimes I have a pretty sick sense of humor-- especially when it comes to death. Hence, my post title.

If you want to read the article.. Click HERE.

RIP, my sweet friend.

Huge Correction: The alligator didn't attack her, and I later found this news out; however, she did drown.

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Stephanie Friday, June 03, 2011  

wow thats terrible. im so sorry for your loss.

Rox Friday, June 03, 2011  

That's horrible, unimaginable really. :(

Holly Friday, June 03, 2011  

Thank you, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions since I've found out. It makes me cling on to those around to me a lot more today. You never know when it will be your last day. :(