Thursday, July 29, 2010

Stomach virus, impetigo, and flu-like symptoms... oh my!

I've had one doozy of a week so far. It almost feels never ending with what is infesting my family. Last Friday, Keira came down with a stomach bug, and Ayla developed a fever that evening. The next morning, I noticed that Ayla had these strange blister-looking bumps around her mouth and legs. I bring her to urgent care and the doc doesn't know what the heck she has. He looks at her ears and says they are infected - prescribes antibiotics. The next day, they call for a follow up, and I tell them that the blistery lesions are getting bigger and spreading. The doc wants her to come back in. I bring her back in and he is still confused on what they are. He decides to refer me to her pedi. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment that evening, and the pedi said that she had a manifestation of hand, foot, and mouth disease. She said that both of her ears were infected and that she needed a different antibiotic. So, I go home thinking, finally some answers!

Ayla with impetigo around her mouth
Well, Tuesday comes along, and I manage to run a fever with horrible body aches and chills. I call the MIL (since hubby was in the field) to come and help me with the girls. It literally hurt to talk and get up. She comes over and helps with the girls and puts them to bed. I sipped on my Tom Yum soup as it soothed my aching throat. She finally went home around 9. I get up to go back upstairs to hear Ayla crying and fussing, and of course I am thinking she had misplaced her paci in her sleep. I was dead wrong! She was covered head to foot in vomit and looked to pitiful. I felt soo bad because she has never had this sickness before. I pick her up and place her into a cool bath. She gave me this pout as I was pouring water over her head to get the crud out. I gave a squirty toy to keep her occupied.

As soon as I got her into a pamper, I called my MIL again and told her that I believe Ayla has a stomach bug. The first thing that came out of her mouth was, "Oh I hope she didn't give it to me!" Really?! How selfish does that sound? She is a 11 month old, and how was I to know that she acquired a bug? A sensible grandmother would be concerned over her grandchild, and selfish thoughts would come last. It is normal to have those thoughts, but don't express them verbally to the mother that has already had a rough week. Then I proceed to tell her that I need to find someone to house sit Keira while she slept so I could bring Ayla to the emergency room. (She had loose bm's all day, and I didn't think much about it at the time.) She goes, "why are you bringing her to the er?" (???) (wow) -- I tell her because infants that lose a lot of fluids are in danger of dehydration. So, she tells me, "well, I just got home." Ugh. So, I get off the phone with her and called a few friends and let messages. It was close to 11, and I don't blame them for not picking up. I went next door and amazingly the minister was able to help me out.

I got Ayla ready and took her to the hospital. I found out that she lost a bit of weight since Saturday, not good. Turned out that she had impetigo- a bacterial skin infection.. not HFMD. I nearly passed out (I am still sick) when she was getting her chest x-rayed. They put me on the gurney and told me that they were going to check me in too. They didn't do as much for me as they did for Ayla. (She was my biggest concern anyway.) They just took urine and a rapid strep test from me. Those both came out in the clear. Then, brushed me off and told me that I probably had what she had. It has been a couple of days.. and no, I don't have what she had! Yesterday, I layed around in pure misery. Dizzy, severe chills, and body aches. I have even managed to lose five pounds from this. My tonsil feels horrible as well. I don't know what the heck is wrong, lol. Although today, I don't have the fever or the aches and chills. I feel like I am seeing the light of this never-ending sickness tunnel in the house.

Ayla in a baby hospital gown in the E.R.
I am just thankful that I have an understanding professor that will allow me to take my test on Monday, and not to stress out. Whew! I bet you thought that was a bit much! If you read this, thanks for reading through. Comments are always appreciated!

Oh, and for all the mother's and wives out there.. Isn't it ironic -- or maybe Murphy's law-- that when the hubby is gone, all hell breaks loose? lol.