Thursday, July 22, 2010

I heart blog awards! :)

I am still fairly new to blogger, and I look at all these wonderful blogs for some inspiration on how I can make mine more user friendly and vibrant to my followers. I really appreciate all my readers out there!

In order to accept my award, there are several things I need to do:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave you the award.

I want to thank Audrey from Standing By Him , for including me on this award! This really made my day! :)

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

  • I just recently watched the "Blue Lagoon" for the first time the other night, and I teared up!
  • I love ice cream wa-ay too much! The hubs needs to keep it out of the house, lol.
  • I am super assertive, and sometimes that gets me in trouble!
  • My daughter is turning 3 in nine days, and it makes me sad that she is growing up so fast.
  • I really need a vacation right now! Somewhere alongs the line of Banana Pancakes and macadamia sauce with a pina colada, lol. (I texted that to my husband and he goes, "In Hawaii, huh?" Of course!
  • I am an island girl, although I was born three days before Christmas in Texas, lol.
  • I am still trying to figure out how I can make a cute signature for my blog, lol - I might have my graphic designer of a dad do it, hee hee.

3. Pass the award to 9 fellow bloggers that inspire you. Okay.. I have eight..

4. Let them know about the award.

The 8 bloggers who receive this award from me are:
 Thank you for producing some lovely blogs! I love hearing about your day to day up's and down's! :D