Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer vacation or Not so much...

I try not rant about personal things that are going on.. but why not? Today I am!  I started back up with college this past spring because the job hunt last fall after having baby number #2 was not looking so great. I have Marine Corps experience, but apparently I need my degree on top of that- no brainer. So, I finally applied for the post 9.11 GI Bill and got approved. I was a dummy and over-motivated and took 15 credit hours while taken night classes. Ugh, that was a horrible idea! Ayla was not sleeping through the night and I was overly exhausted. I decided to take day summer classes and put the girls into childcare.

It was a Naccarra (military childcare subsidy) approved facility and it was hopeful that I would not have to pay over $300 a week in childcare. Who the heck can afford that much and attend college full time?? So, I applied at the end of May, and sure enough they've dropped the ball. I was told in mid-June the amount I was estimated to receive, and I have pretty much been holding everyone's hand through out the process. It should not have taken this long to get things through, and when I checked up on the matters, they told me that just last Friday they made the decision to have everyone on a waitlist. A freaking waitlist?? I asked the case worker how long it would take, and she had no clue. So, my summer classes end at the beginning of August and it appears that I am going to be taking night fall classes once again. Ugh.