Monday, December 13, 2010

The {unofficial} twins- A homecoming tale of the pre-schooler kind

The Story:

My friend Brittany and I are from the same town, and graduated from the same high school. Although, we didn't hang out back in school, we knew of each other. It was until a baby budgeting class in good ole' Twenty-nine Palms, that I recognized her. We were about to be eight months pregnant, and she was wearing the maternity cammie uniform. We narrowed it down to our home town, and realized that we were due a day a part, and both of our husbands were deployed to Iraq, and would miss the birth. We went to Denny's for dinner, and hung out at each others houses everyday. (It was a relief to have a friend from the same hometown, going through what I was going through.)

Well, July 31st came, and she called me and said she was having contractions, and was packing for the hospital. I rushed over with excitement. (It was her due date, mine was the next day) While she was upstairs, I was downstairs and my water tore. (It wasn't a full break) Her entire family was there, and I was a bit embarrassed. Her sister hollered at Brittany from downstairs, "Holly's water just broke!" Brittany hollars back, "Nah uh!" (Giggle)

So, I am thinking I totally peed myself, decided to drive myself to the hospital to check it out. (Mind you, I haven't eaten since 9:30 the night before, and it was now 2:00 in the afternoon) I got admitted. Dang it!
It wouldn't be hours before Ms. Britt showed us, because she was too busy stuffing her face at a local Mexican restaurant, lol.

I had Miss K the following morning, and Brittany had Mr. C that evening. :)

They grew up together for the first two years, literally.

---Britt and I on my husband's homecoming day

"It's never goodbye, It's see you later"-----
Then, we had to pcs from Cali to the east coast. It was a sad day. But, she pcs'd back home to Texas to a reserve unit, and 16 months later, (last month, November) we finally came home to visit! :)

When Miss K and Mr. C saw each other at the airport baggage claim, it was a true homecoming. They ran to each other with arms wide open with squeals, which stopped passerbys to stop and stare.

-----------In each arms at last!

Monkeys jumping on the bed!-------