Monday, December 6, 2010

December birthday ba hum bug

Here it is again... December. The most stressful time of year.  Sadly, my dreaded birthday falls right smack 3 days before Christmas. Terrible, terrible, terrible--an inconvience really.

My first birthday-viewing from my expression, "what the heck is this?"

What Not to Say to a Christmas Baby

“Oh, you’re so blessed—you share a birthday with Jesus!
“Merry Birthday!”
“You must get so many presents!”
“Wow! What a ripoff. I feel so sorry for you!”
“You must be a real Angel/ very sweet/ a gifted person/ etc.”
“Merry Christmas” before you say “Happy Birthday.”
“Are you joking?”
“Is this a fake ID?”
“I’m going to wait till the after-Christmas sales so I can get you something bigger.”
“Your sister/brother feels really left out; let’s give her/him an extra present, too.”

I was due to arrive on Christmas day, but my mother thought she was doing me a favor by inducing me early. She wanted me to have my own special day; however, being so close to Christmas, I told her it wouldn't have mattered. I am not the only one stuck in this Christmas birthday conumdrum, there are many like me that feel overlooked.

I didn't grow up with birthday parties by the poolside, and I didn't have friends to celebrate my day, either. I just remember my dad bringing me to Toys r us to pick out a toy, and a dinner at my favorite restaurant. The years have passed since I've been a child, and I still have the same issues. This year, I am trying to plan a dinner at Dave and Buster's with friends, and the timing is awful. (Not my fault, really.) Too many Christmas parties, families in town, hustling and bustling for the last minute gifts.

I honestly don't remember the last time my own dad got me a birthday gift! I kid you not. I know I sound bratty for ranting, (the cliche- It's the holidays!)

My top TEN on "Why I LOATHE Christmas Birthdays"

1. The birthday/Christmas present
2. Everyone is gone for Christmas, therefore no birthday party
3. The Christmas wrapping on your birthday present
4. Your siblings making their Christmas list around your birthday
5. It gets too dark too early
6. Your birthday present is missing with some other Christmas gifts that your parents had hidden
7. The birthday pie-- or my case as pictured above-- the Santa cake
8. Being named after the holidays a.k.a "Holly"
9. It's freaking cold outside!
10. Yesterday was your birthday? I completely forgot, because I was out shopping for Christmas.

Ugh, Ba Hum Bug!