Friday, December 3, 2010

Child Modeling 101

The Story

Like most parents I know, our children are gorgeous to us. I find myself tempted to put Miss K in photo contests so she would get recognized, and someday be the next Gap Kid model. Every fall, does a contest to appear in the Baby/Kid Gap spring 2011 clothing line. Every year, I forget to add a photo for submission, or I can't decide on the "winning" picture.  Miss K has such a vibrant personality, and I can't help but daydream about her being in the ads of Gymboree, Gap, The Children's Place. Lol, I know, I am crazy, right? Now, I wouldn't dare put her in pageants, ugh. And if she didn't like doing it, then I wouldn't force her too. So, forget these endless contests. I decided to go straight to the source.
(Pictured at right: Miss K when she was 15 months)

What I have learned about finding a reputable agency

They are freaking hard to find. Google "Baby modeling Agencies" and you will get site after site trying to get you to buy a list of agencies."You can get our list of agencies for only..." Ugh. 

BEWARE: Don't buy into it. You can find agencies without having to spend money.

Reputable agencies don't charge any up front fees either. They only tack on a commission when your child has landed the job.

Most agencies have a minimum age requirement. Most only accept 4 years and older. Miss K has to wait until next summer.

After calling a few agencies in driving distance - if you live more than an hour and half away, they will push you away. You live too far. (A tad frustrating for me, the drive was within two hour and half hours)

There isn't "open casting calls" for children. You literally have to submit photos and your child's info through the mail, and pray for a reponse.

Anywhoo, that is what I have learned today, with a lot of research.