Friday, March 11, 2011

Yummy Nutella party!

This morning, I hosted a MommyParties sponsored by Nutella. When I got the email with the chance to host Nutella to my mommy friends, I jumped right to it! I LOVE Nutella! When my husband brought it home for the first time in 2006, I was like, "what is this stuff?" I spread some on some toast, and I've been hooked on it since. It is a hazel-nut spread with mixture of milk and cocoa, and can go on just about anything you desire.

So, when I got to invite up to 10 of my friends to come over and enjoy a breakfast bar with Nutella gift bags to go home with, I jumped to the opportunity. What was so great, they shipped me the product, (with all the goodie bags) and all I had to do was provide some nutritious food to pair with the Nutella.

I made sure that my guests weren't allergic to tree nuts, and I assured them that Nutella doesn't use or process peanuts in their facilities.

I made some Nutella breakfast recipes-- made to order, and they were a huge hit!

~Mission Whole wheat tortillas with Nutella, strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries rolled into yummy goodness.

~Eggo Nutrigrain waffle sandwiches with Nutella, strawberries, and blueberries

One of my fellow mommy friends, Sarah, had never even tried Nutella, and she was in for a treat!

Brooke shows off her Nutella tumbler!

Rhiannon shows off the delicious recipe cards and coupons

** I received the Nutella package in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are 100% mine **

3 Amazing thoughts:

Angie Friday, March 11, 2011  

how fun! i love nutella! my favorite combo is nutella banana waffles. or just nutella and bananas. :D

Unknown Saturday, March 12, 2011  

Yummy!! I wish they would send me free Nutella :D

Rox Saturday, March 12, 2011  

I like dipping apples in it or on a sandwich with raspberry jam! I think I need to buy some now, YUM! Never had it on waffles, I'm going to try that out!