Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frugal me! Frugal me!

My husband's grandmother told us a story about his uncle when he was a little boy in grade school, and it was a hilarious one at that! Apparently, his uncle had to find a word to replace " to save" and come back to school and share a story with the replaced word with the class. So, he looked up a word in the thesarus, and found a word for his prince charming fairytale story. He told the class that a princess was in danger, and she cried out, "Frugal me! Frugal me!"  

Well, "frugal" is not in the same context as the princess, but it helps to be frugal, and when she marries prince charming, she may need to learn how to be frugal-- especially with two adorable little girls, (like myself). In the past month, I have been couponing away, and even attended a coupon class on base. Since I am not collecting the GI Bill right now, money needs to be stretched. So, I am going to feature a new freebie each week across the web, and fill you all in on the real deals. This may include a free ebook, a free lunch, etc.

So, please watch out for the posts, "Frugal Me Tuesdays". I will even include some useful sites that help me budget for the grocery stores.

Side note: Thank you for everyone that responded to my previous post about the "strange feed". I figured out that one of the blogs I follow must have been hacked or something. I, unfortunately, had to delete her blog from my feed because of the Malaysia blog that took over. (If you have been affected by that new feed, then you know it wasn't her blog.)

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Heather Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

I am really looking forward to your Frugal Me Thursdays! I tried my hand at couponing for the first time last weekend. It went alright, but not as well as I'd hope. I'd love to see your tips!