Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strange feed

So, I woke up this morning to look at my dashboard to see all the new blog posts, when I came across a blog that I didn't follow. I open the blog, and I am not even one of their followers! So, how the heck do I delete them from my feed? This is so freaking weird, plus it is a foreign (although in English) blog site. So frustrating!!

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Steph Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

I think Blogger has a mind of its own a lot of times! I have a blog that it won't allow me to UNfollow and also a couple that I DO follow, but doesn't show I follow and then tells me the user blocked me (they didn't).

I give up trying to figure it out!

Happy Tuesday!

Darlene Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

The same thing happened to me last night. Hmm guess I should check if it is still like that this morning! Very annoying!

Beckie Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

I have one too..there's one showing up on my Blogger feed and another on Google reader, both about Malaysia.


I'm going to contact Blogger about it and hopefully they can help?

Melissa Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

Samething happened to me. Something about Loving Malaysia or something like that, I found that so weird.

AngieDMac Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

At the bottom of the feed, there's a manage button. From there you'd find the blog you want to remove, hit the settings link, and click stop following this site (i think it's on the right side). Hope that's the answer to what you're asking. :)

Rox Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

I know you said you weren't following it, but this is the only thing I can think of to make it go away...
First of all, make sure you're on the tab Blogs I'm Following, because you might be clicked on Blogger Buzz or Blogs of Note.
If you are on Blogs I'm Following then underneath the blog feed, click on the blue button: MANAGE. You'll see a list of all the blogs you follow. Find the one you don't want to follow and click settings and stop following. Make sure it saves.
Hope that helps! That's really weird!

McDancer Tuesday, March 08, 2011  

This happened to me to, but it was on one of the sites I do follow. I was super confused about why she was posting tons of blogs about Malaysia.