Monday, May 31, 2010

What Memorial Day means to me...

--Just three years ago, I was pregnant with Keira and Mr. B was in Iraq... we lost 8 Marines that deployment.

--Just two years ago, I was taking care of my little girl and her daddy was in Afghanistan. I almost lost my husband just a few months later, and with the grace of God, the RPG blast sprayed shrapnel in another direction. We lost 20 men that deployment.

That deployment changed my outlook on life. Yes, I am a Marine veteran myself, but I was detached from all the sacrifices men and women made while deploying. I didn't understand the pain of separation, the emotional rollarcoaster of not hearing from my significant other, and futhermore, the grief we all shared when some of our brave Marines didn't step off of the buses on homecoming day. I thank all of them for watching my husband's back through both of those deployments, directly and indirectly. I am also thankful for those that have sacrificed their lives before and after in order to preserve our way of life. It will continue to break my heart to see a Gold star wife or mom. A child that will never know their father..their hero.  But, I know that these brave men and women sacrificed their life for the greater good of mankind, and to fight for our liberties and the continuing pursuit of happiness. God bless them all!

Today, I get to eat breakfast with two beautiful little girls and my husband. I get to hear my 2 year old's laughter as she playfully pounces her daddy. I couldn't wish for a better day. :)

Semper Fidelis.

"All gave some, some gave all."

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Jesse and Marissa Monday, May 31, 2010  

Thank you for your service and for your husbands!

Lisa Tuesday, June 01, 2010  

Wonderful post.

Thank you and your husband for your service!