Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My week so far..


Sunday, I managed to watch the final episode of Lost, and it brought me into tears. I understand that it left some viewers disgruntled with unanswered questions, but I LOVE history and it all made sense. Not to criticize anyone or anything, but you simply need to look at the big picture of the entire show instead of dissecting useless amount of information.

My take of the finale: Seasons back I had speculated that the characters were in "purgatory".

"First, what is purgatory? Purgatory is a state or condition of purification in which the souls of the faithful departed are purified of their sins and faults after death. For according to the Book of Revelation, "nothing impure can enter heaven" (Rev 21:27)."

~I realized that they couldn't really 'leave' the island, and they were all reconcile what they had done in their life prior to the crash.
~Jacob and the smoke monster: (I am not religious and this was my own personal take..-so don't burn me, lol~) I figured that their needed to be a good force and an evil force to "test" the characters to see where they belonged.. Heaven or Hell... The bad characters were swept up and killed by the smoke monster, and the good people died of other causes.
~Jack's final trial- finally being able to "let go" and grieve over his dad's death. I believe that when he finally "let go" was when he was able to move on.
~Ben left behind- Ben hasn't reconciled his past, and the things that he had done. Sadly, he wasn't ready to move on.

I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on what happened, but I do know that the show left me touched. I am thankful for the ending, and it definitely opened up a can of emotional, and psychological worms. There is things that I need to "move on" from and just forgive about. I just don't want to be that tortured soul trying to reconcile my past. I just want to be able to "let go".

2. Summer classes began!

I have a motivated History professor, and an political English professor... so this should be an interesting summer. :)

3. The girls are now in a private day school.

A sad week for me since I have been a SAHM for almost three years now. But, the small break in the daytime has allowed me to do assignments in with out interruption, clean house, and do errands. Futhermore, I get to miss my little ladies!

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