Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting "Down and Dirty"

I have to admit that Scentsy is fueling my racing habit with supplementing the registration fees. The races I do can be quite expensive; however, I love them! I wanted to blog about my mud run on Tuesday, except Mr. Earthquake got all the lime light. So, now that I am in-between crazy aftershocks, and a impending category 3 hurricane, I can talk about the race.

Sunday morning, I wake up uber early.. like 4 am early, and my stomach does not like waking up that early-- and nausea sets in. Lovely, right? It goes away when I eat a banana, but I could tell my nerves were in overdrive. It is a little bit of " I am I going to fall out and pass completely out.." "Did I hydrate enough?" "Does these spandex make my toosh look too big?" "Am I going to bust my toosh on an obstacle?" Yes, I seriously have these provoking thoughts, while my stomach wants to do a number. Great imagery, right? I mean, c'mon! It is only a 5k.. no sweat, right? Well, if you remember me running the Spartan race in June, it was mostly obstacles, and some running.

So, I start off with the bang, wearing my lovely Vibram Five Finger shoes (I was entered in the barefoot division-- since the race was sponsored by Merrell shoes.)

Where was I? Ah! I take off pretty fast, and I am like, "where is everyone?" *giggle* For the first half mile, I probably run a 7 minute mile pace-- and then, lose it all. It just goes down to a nine minute mile-- and depending on terrain-- goes to a ten. So, these males catch up, and some girls in tutu's. I am like, "I don't care.. I am going to keep a nice steady pace." Then, I keep running, and running... oh shoot! They didn't say we were running hills!! I get a little winded by the hills, and just keep going. I am cursing under my breath. Then, I am anticipating some obstacles, and to no avail. What the hell?

Finally, I come to an obstacle-- a kiddie tunnel. Like, seriously? Then, more running. I think there was about an obstacle every mile or so. It was pretty sad until the end. I finally got to go into a water pit, climbed over a wall, cargo net, the slippery mountain, and the mud pit to finish off the race. I had a great time, but mentally, I was prepared for the obstacles. My luck, we literally ran the 5k in a hilly forest terrain. No sweat! I placed 3rd in my barefoot division at 37 minutes. I am still contemplating about the run time, but I can always do better. Mind you, I don't train for these races, at all. I just feel great when I complete them, and go home knowing I did my workout for the day. :)

3 Amazing thoughts:

Stephanie Friday, August 26, 2011  

I love the first pic! And congrats on 3rd place...way better than what I could do lol. Have a great day!

Anonymous Friday, August 26, 2011  

Looks like fun! I can't run very well at all so I admire people who can!

Emily Monday, September 12, 2011  

That sounds like so much fun! Cute blog btw. :)